Podcast Offene Kommunikation Teil 2
januari 23, 2014

Podcast Offene Kommunikation Teil 2

David Bohm befasste sich in den letzten zehn Jahren seines Lebens sehr intensiv mit Fragen der Kommunikation in Gruppen, die dazu dient, neue Erkenntnisse zu gewinnen sowie gemeinsame Einsichten zu erhalten. Mehr dazu im Podcast: Podcast Offene Kommunikation Teil 2
Prof. C.J.M. Beniers

NL Zoetermeer 23-01-2014

About Professor C.J.M. Beniers
Prof. C.J.M. Beniers is a well known authority in the field of modern and international communication techniques. He developed the Six-Component-Model. This model enables companies, institutions and politicians to communicate and negotiate with counterparts from all over the world successfully. His career began as international manager at Philips and later he earned his doctorate as professor in communication. He has more than 35 years experience as manager and management trainer. Thus he knows both sides – theory and praxis – very well. As scientist, Prof. Beniers conducts frequently research in the field of intercultural communication. The results of his interesting research can be found in news articles, free pod casts, audio books and his E-books such as “Bridging The Cultural Gap.” Here, modern managers learn how to prepare for business meetings with people from different cultures; they acquire the techniques and tools to handle situations in times of crises successfully, master intercultural barriers, country-specific communication patterns, looking into personal cultural values & systems. Knowing all this, men can prevent cultural misunderstandings and misinterpretations – not only in business but also in private life.


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